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Quick Facts on Drug Addiction. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 21.5 million American adults (aged 12 and older) battled a substance use disorder in 2014. Over 7 million Americans in 2014 battled a drug use disorder, per NSDUH. Statistics on Alcohol Addiction and Abuse Every year, worldwide, alcohol is the cause of 5.3% of deaths (or 1 in every 20). About 300 million people throughout the world have an alcohol use disorder. On average, 30 Americans die every day in an alcohol-related car accident, About 88,000 people.

Costs of Substance Abuse. A separate analysis of 2007 data 5 estimated US costs of prescription opioid misuse at $55.7 billion. The most recent estimate of prescription opioid misuse, based on 2013 data, updated this cost to $78.5 billion, an increase of more than $20 . Jul 12, 2016 · Video Game Addiction Statistics. Almost three-quarters of American households play video games. A study revealed that almost 9% of the participants showed signs of video game addiction and about 4% of them exhibited extreme usage of video games as 3.4/5(22).

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) tracks treatment issues and provides the following data sets. DrugFacts: Treatment Statistics | National Institute on Drug Abuse .