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236 rows · List of countries by literacy rate. The rate varies throughout the world with developed nations having a rate of 99.2% (2013); Oceania having 71.3%; South and West Asia having 70.2% (2015) and sub-Saharan Africa at 64.0% (2015). Over 75% of the world's 781 million illiterate adults are found in South Asia, West Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Other Nations with Near-Complete Literacy. A literacy rate that drops to a percentage just below 100% is seen in quite a few countries of the world, including Azerbaijan and Cuba, where the rates stand at around 99.8%. Countries such as Georgia, Tajikistan, Russia, Poland, and Slovenia all boost literacy rates of over 99.5%.Author: James Burton.

Dec 30, 2016 · TOP TEN (10) OF LITERACY RATE FOR AFRICAN COUNTRIES; ZIMBABWE AT THE HIGHEST RANK. the following is the list of African countries basing on literacy rate and their ranking order. 1. Zimbabwe 2. Only such a revision of the definition of literacy will be fairly considered to reflect the literacy rates in Africa. Reply Delete. Jun 18, 2019 · South Africa – stronghold of African countries literacy. Adult literacy rate in South Africa stands at 93%. Knowledgeable South African grownups are rate even more than Turkish and Jordanian. The numbers of educated men ranked more than women by 2%. An impressive 99% of their youths are literate though the country has had to deal with criminal activities in some parts.

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