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feeding one breast at each feeding - Breastfeeding and Uneven Breasts

An Overabundant Supply of Breast Milk: When your breasts are super milk-making machines, and you have too much breast milk, breastfeeding on one side at each feeding, or even the same side for a few feedings in a row, can help to slow down the production of breast milk in the opposite side. A Colicky Baby: In some cases, especially if you have an abundant milk supply, breastfeeding on both. Oct 23, 2017 · Let your baby decide! The only person who can tell you how often he needs to feed is your baby as only he knows when one breast is empty and whether he needs another straight away to fill him up or in half an hour or two hours. Put another way, if a mother can store 50ml in each breast her baby might want both breasts per feed.

Do I need to use both breasts for every feeding? Answered by Karen and Gale Pryor, By allowing him to finish one breast before switching, he'll get the rich, high-calorie hindmilk that comes at the end of each feeding. After he burps, try offering the second breast. If your baby's hungry he'll take the second breast. When I was in the hospital after I had my daughter, the lactation consultant told me it was fine to feed my daughter one breast per feeding if that's what I wanted to do, so for the first 2-3 weeks I fed her on one breast each feeding until she wanted to eat more, then I started offering both. Your milk supply won't go down as long as she's.

Jul 27, 2019 · If you breastfeed from only one breast at each feeding, your breasts will probably be uneven. The breast that you just breastfed on will be smaller, and the other side will be filling up with breast milk for the next feeding. Then after the next feeding, it will be the opposite. As long as you don't mind, it's not a problem at all. Jul 02, 2012: one sided breastfeeding by: Tracy If you do not feel that it is bothering you, you can leave it. I have been breastfeeding from only one side for seven months now and have not had any problems, the other breast does still produce a little milk, but it does not bother me.