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Mar 06, 2013 · The Five Feminine Sexual Archetypes. Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite represent archetypes: broad brushstrokes of psychology given human shape. All three reside in each woman on the face of the planet (men, too, but they’re not the important part of this discussion).Reviews: 29. The Sexual Archetype Quiz is a fun and insightful process that is based on Dr. Patti’s years of experience as a clinical sexologist and sex coach. Take the quiz to discover where you rank in the ‘sexual archetype hierarchy’. Plus, learn what you can do to achieve the level of sexual .

Strengths: This is the most erotic of the archetypes. She is a free-spirited, sexual woman. She experiences sexuality as a transcendent experience connecting her with energy beyond her partner. Sexual Chameleon. Sexual Chameleons have the ultimate superpower – you are easily able to change your sexual archetype and adjust to your partners preferred language. You love variety, you love to explore ALL the sides of sexuality. One day you could be exploring all senses – .

An archetype is to the psyche what the body is to the mind. Archetypes form the basis of all unlearned, instinctive patterns of behavior. Her provocative insights on culture and sexual politics have been the subject of viral videos, and featured in national media outlets including MTV, Essence, The Michael Baisden Radio Show, AfroPunk, and. Aug 05, 2015 · What Sexual Archetype Dominates You? Psychologist Carl Jung described several archetypes that are based in the observation of differing but repeating patterns of thought and action that re-appear time and again across people, countries and continents.Author: Sue Prise.